Rules of the Traveling Gavel

Rules for Capturing or Delivering the Traveling Gavel

1. The Gavel can be delivered or captured at a stated or special tiled meeting. A tiled meeting must be opened by the lodge that is being visited.

2. At least 3 members of the capturing or delivering Lodge must be present, one of which must be an elected officer (W.M., S.W., J.W., Sec., or Treas.)

3. If more that one lodge arrive on the same night to capture the gavel, the following criteria are to be used to determine who captures the Gavel
a. Lodge with the most visiting brothers
b. If same number of brothers attend, the lodge that travels the furthest (determined by their Stated Meeting locations) captures the gavel
c. If all of the above are the same, the lodge with the highest ranking officers in attendance would capture the gavel. (I.E. If you have your Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden present, you would take the gavel v/s Master, Senior Warden, Senior Deacon, and Junior Deacon. This is highest ranking, not the most officers)
d. If all of the above are the same, the lodge with the youngest Mason (by age, not years as a mason) present would capture the gavel.

4. Gavel can only be transferred one time per day.

5. District Deputy must be notified by the lodge delivering or capturing the gavel within 24 hours. This allows for quick communication with the other lodges in the district.

6. If there are questions about the rules for capturing or delivering the District Traveling Gavel, the District Deputy’s decision should be accepted.

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